Seat Picker



Design a world-class seat picking experience for Ticketfly's Box Office.


My role

Lead Product Designer

Cart-Panel GA

Picking Seats

Ticketfly's goal is to get fans in the door and seats they want faster with scalable technology designed for venues and events of all shapes and sizes, high demand onsales, and max efficiency. The challenge was to work in iterations to get us to a world-class reserved seating platform in two phases.

First Iterations

The first iteration of the product consisted of basic updates such a zooming, panning, and seat selection. Here's the first prototype created to validate the designs.

Cart Details

We learned that our users at the box office were predominately working in dark enviroments. The light colors not only made it hard to find seats but also reflected on the box office glass. Some users prefer to show the seat map to fans looking to make their own selection.

We explored dark muted backgrounds that could allow the price level colors on each seat to pop. As a result the interface fades away and what's mainly visibile are the available seats which is our primary goal. 

Cart-Panel GA Copy
Cart Panel System
Empty Cart
Key Card

Layering data at multiple zoom levels allowed us to optimize rendering times and predict what the user is looking for. We designed a responsible seat level system to cover most edge cases.

This design allowed us to remove unnecessary data at a section level but keep the price level colors and display seat labels and row names at deeper zoom levels. 


Ticketfly's seat picker is only accessible via our Box Office product.